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Fitcher's Bird


A Jukebox Musical Ballad from the Brothers Grimm; 

Reimagined and written by Michelle Darby with Leah Russo

A Staged Reading

Directed by: Michelle Darby

The three parts of all understanding:

An eye to see what is

A heart to feel what is

And a boldness that dares follow them

                Irish Triad


Special Note on Tonight's Performance:
Teresa Stark will be reading the part of Hope for Shannon Kealey due to last minute illness.
Many thanks to both of these incredibly talented performers!



Narrator - Caroline Ghosn

Rose - Michelle Darby

Ella - Jennifer Erdmann *

Hope - Teresa Stark

Sorcerer - Benoit Monin

Stage Directions - Cris Cassell

*Actors' Equity Association


Joseph Escobar - Musical Dir.

Vince Bohner - Guitar

Lise Ramaley - Bass

Lydia La Roux - Fiddle

Phoebe Chou - Percussion

Many Thanks To:

Dan & Ben Klein,Genevieve Kolar, Leah Russo, Jonah Willihnganz,

Raz Kennedy, Richard Seyd, Bobby Weinapple, Jessia Hoffman, Marie Geever,

The Klein Family, Megan Calfas, Hector Salva, Leeza Doreian, John Phillips,

The Darby Family, Elaine Jennings, Don Ferguson, Susannah Polland,

Catherine O'Hare, Matt Herrero, Ellen Dunphy, Martin Shaw


Song list: 

Bluebeard: Patty Griffin

Tell Me True: Sarah Jarosz

When It Don't Come Easy: Patty Griffin

Starlight: The Wailin' Jennys

House of Mercy/Snake Charmer: Patty Griffin/Sarah Jarosz

Knock 1, 2, 3: Imelda May

Shankill Butchers: Sarah Jarosz, The Decemberists

Up To The Mountain: Patty Griffin

Cold As It Gets: Patty Griffin

Look Like a Bird: Amanda Shires

Coming Home To Me: Patty Griffin

Death's Got a Warrant: Patty Griffin

Rocks and Water: Deb Talon

Be bold, be bold, but not too bold,

lest that your heart's blood should run cold.

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