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Testimonials for StoryCraft: Foundations

“Go for it - you'll find stories you didn't know were part of you.”

“I came in looking for storytelling skills that would be helpful for starting a company and I left knowing I am more confident about crafting a short and sweet story and deliver it with confidence. This class is fantastic!”

“No experience is necessary, and honestly the less experience, the more you will learn. Definitely recommend this class for anybody in any walk of life!”

“This class was AWESOME! I loved how engaging the class was and its bias towards action. Appreciated how we were to tell a story every week and had scaffolding to help us along the way. My new normal after the class is definitely having the tools I need in my storytelling tool box to improve my craft.”


Testimonials for StoryCraft: Next Level

“Beautiful, soulful class. The journey was fun, mixed with some worthwhile struggles, which led to an incredible feeling of deep satisfaction in the final performance. I feel more whole.” 

“This class gave me a stronger and more flexible understanding of what Stories could be. It helped me to feel even more like myself when telling my story, which is good since it's a story from My Life.” 

“Fantastic overlays of poetry, music, and myth are woven into this class, making it a great place to get inspired, even if you're not sure what story to tell!” 

“Storycraft: Next Level is a fantastic way to continue honing your storytelling skills and comfort. What this class really does is guide you to connect with the deepest cores of the stories inside you. It builds upon the basic techniques of storytelling learned in Beginning Storycraft, so that this time around, you can focus fully on really connecting to and deeply understanding your own story. This makes for an even more intimate experience with yourself, your classmates, and, at the final performance, your audience.” 

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