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As of February 2022 - all classes are currently on pause.

Check back here for updates or email us at if you have any questions! 


In the meantime - keep telling stories wherever you are!

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You've taken StoryCraft: Foundations for Personal Storytelling -- now you're ready for more!


In StoryCraft: Next Level, the skills you developed in our foundational course pave the way to further develop and hone your skills as a storyteller. You will dive deeper and reach further in your exploration of story -- not only giving you amazing stories, but empowering the amazing storyteller inside of you to flourish.

By the end of this class, you will have another great story to tell as well as a blueprint for any stories you want to tell in the future. How will you get there? You will explore your stories using exercises in and outside of class; immerse yourself in different modalities to develop your stories emotionally, physically, visually, audially, and vocally. All of these new storytelling skills and experiences weave together into a story that is connected, authentic, polished, and alive.

The class will culminate in a live, online performance for invited friends and family.


We all have stories that want to be told. Stories that may look small, but feel big. (Or, stories that are big and feel big!)  We might struggle to find the courage and language to express these experiences authentically out loud. In StoryCraft: Foundations, we'll help you get there. 


Foundations for Personal Storytelling is an 8-week online course on true, live, personal storytelling.


In this class, we will help you mine your life to find your stories and explore them more deeply through theater games and prompts. You'll gain tools on the components of a great story, effective language usage, and telling your story with presence and authenticity. The class will culminate in a live, online performance for invited friends and family.


We are excited to offer this class via Zoom and reach people we couldn’t with our in-person classes. Join us for a space of emotional connection in the era of social distancing!

StoryCraft: Personal Storytelling Through the Lens of Fairytale and Myth

In this class, you’ll listen to old stories, fairy tales, myths, folk tales, and roll them around in your brains. As you hear them, you’ll recognize and begin to make sense of your own pivotal stories — the ones that you’ve never quite had the language for before or fully understood.


We’ll be there while you find your way to those stories, helping you articulate them, embody them, and tell them in their fullness. These stories you’ll tell are the ones that want to be told.


StoryCraft: On Birth

Giving birth can be such a profound experience. It is one of the big initiation experiences that we, as humans, go through. You are changed by that experience, sometimes for years to come. Do you have a birth experience that is wanting to be told? In this class, we will explore your experience, find language that matches the magnitude of it, and give you and opportunity to share your story with others. 


StoryCraft: In the Wild: 

Explore your stories in connection to and in conversation with the natural world. More to come soon!


StoryCraft: Embodied Storytelling:

What would happen if you had full freedom of expression to tell your story -- your body, your voice, your language? What kind of story would that be? How would it change your relationship to that story, to your life? Deepen your craft by interweaving music, movement and evocative language into your storytelling practice. 

Foundations and Next Level should be taken prior to this class.

StoryCraft: For Improvisors:

As an improvisor, you've already developed skills around narrative, creative risk taking and spontaneity as you create stories and characters from nothing. This class will continue the development of those skills as well as give you new tools to be more authentic, present and articulate as you tell your own, true personal stories.  A side benefit -- you will become a more present, grounded and emotionally available improvisor. 



StoryCraft: For Actors:

You've developed your craft for telling other peoples' stories -- now's your chance to tell your own. In this class, all of the skills you've worked so hard to gain will be employed in a brand new context -- how to stay present with your own beautiful story. You will develop new skills in relationship to grounding yourself in your authentic experience -- which will come in quite handy for your work as an actor.

StoryCraft: For Writers:

Narrative structure and use of language are your strengths. Telling your story out loud, without reading or memorizing it may feel much more challenging. In this class, all of your skills as a writer will be utilized, but not in the way you expect. You will stretch into your ability to tell your story in a dynamic, grounded and authentic manner, to a live audience. These skills could be very useful for those times when you are asked to talk about your work and tell your story in the moment. You may find that your writing abilities level up as well!

If any of these sound intriguing, sign up for updates below:


Do you want to learn how to tell stories but want to do it with a special group of people -- your friends, family, co-workers, team?


We will design that private workshop for you and your group to explore stories, understand each other and bond over your life experiences!

Reach out to us at and we'll create the kind of workshop that will fit your needs.

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